Visit to Musium of Han Picture Stone / Sheng Hong

Blood sweat horses reduced a half of people,
Then the Emperor Wu of Han in Luntai apologized ;
Until now cherishing good governance of the Wen-Jing period,
Not dare to impose tax over one thirtyth on people.

汉画像石艺术馆 (2).JPG

Note: English is not my mother language. As a practice, this poem is translated from my poem in Chinese: 观览汉画像石艺术馆。 I hope the experts who master both English and Chinese to offer me some suggestions.

汉画像石艺术馆 (101).JPG


汉画像石艺术馆 (243).JPG

汉画像石艺术馆 (36).JPG

汉画像石艺术馆 (77).JPG

徐州博物馆 (197).JPG

汉画像石艺术馆 (69).JPG

汉画像石艺术馆 (206).JPG

September 9, 2019

Author: flourishflood

Economist, Confucianist

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