A Song of Wulanhada Volcano Group / Sheng Hong

Using the fire as knife in far ancient time,
for ten thousand years winds carefully carving ;
God keeping silence generates beauty,
Curves are charming under the Sun’s shining.

乌兰哈达火山群 (214).JPG

Note: English is not my mother language. As a practice, this poem is translated from my poem in Chinese: 咏乌兰哈达火山群。 I hope the experts who master both English and Chinese to offer me some suggestions.

乌兰哈达火山群 (196).JPG


乌兰哈达火山群 (230).JPG

乌兰哈达火山群 (71).JPG乌兰哈达火山群 (70).JPG

乌兰哈达火山群 (72).JPG

乌兰哈达火山群 (272).JPG

乌兰哈达火山群 (294).JPG

乌兰哈达火山群 (254).JPG

October 1, 2019

Author: flourishflood

Economist, Confucianist

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